Roxy Kirshenbaum

Graduation Year


Post-Secondary Education

  • McGill University Bachelor of Arts graduated in 2009 - majored in Humanistic Studies with a focus in Jewish literature with a minor in Anthropology.
  • Received an AAS from The Fashion Institute of Technology in Advertising, Marketing, and Communications.
  • Master of science in journalism with a concentration in digital media from Columbia University.

Current City

New York City, New York

What Are You Doing Now?

I am a writer and photojournalist. Currently an editor at Surface Magazine in New York City. Surface Magazine is the American magazine of global contemporary design.

Greatest Accomplishments

Graduating from McGill, FIT, and Columbia and finding a rewarding job in The Big Apple.

Do you still keep in touch with Metro Prep classmates?

Yes I do! I met some of my lifelong best friends at Metro.

How has your time at Metro Prep impacted or influenced your life?

When I think about my time at Metro, I can instantly recall many fond memories. My teachers were always quick to give me the help that I needed to succeed - and they did so with humour and compassion. They taught me how to be organized and especially how to study, which came in handy when I left for McGill. I was surprised to learn that writing exams in our gym would be exactly like writing exams in University. I can honestly say that I still joke around with my Metro friends about some memorable class moments. Whether it was Alex Crowley's sharp quips or Cecil Moody's curious sense of humour, wherever we happen to be we can certainly still relate.

Favourite memories, experiences, and/or lessons from your time at Metro Prep?

I have to mention the two boards. There is something unique about attending Metro Prep: The Boards. In fact, there were two. As soon as you entered the building, there it was glaring right at you. A list. The top 100 students in large, white plastic lettering, framed as they were by a glass and wooden cabinet. Meanwhile, a far less illustrious list existed on a more congested board - just to the side and down a hall. I remember congregating there with my fellow classmates every three weeks or so when new grades were posted. Harrowing scenes like these were the sort of thing that made the experience at Metro Prep so memorable, and indeed valuable. I can say with confidence and a bit of nostalgia that I could not have arrived where I stand today without Metro Prep's scholastic approach.