Brian Vadasz

Graduation Year


Post-Secondary Education

  • BSc Honours Specialization in Medical Sciences UWO
  • MSc Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology UofT

Current City

Toronto, Ontario

What are you doing now?

I am a research technician at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital. Our lab investigates heart attack, stroke and immune mediated blood disorders. Our goal is to better understand these disease mechanisms such that we can contribute to the development of therapies, clinical management and prevention.

Greatest Accomplishments

Completing my masters degree and co-authoring several scientific publications.

Do you still keep in touch with Metro Prep classmates?

Yes, all the time. Whether it be watching football, going for lunch or hanging out on weekends. I am still very close with many of my Metro classmates.

How has your time at Metro Prep impacted or influenced your life?

The teachers at Metro Prep have inspired and motivated me to pursue a path in science. Specifically, my interest in science was sparked during fetal pig/rat dissection day in grade 11 biology class at Metro. I found that lesson to be so fascinating that I stayed after class and had a one on one discussion with the teacher. Aside from academics, Metro has made me a more outgoing and well-rounded person.

Favourite memories, experiences, and/or lessons from your time at Metro Prep?

Winning the Cleveland hockey tournament in grade 12 is definitely up there among my favourite memories at Metro.

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