Athletic Waiver

Parents & Guardians,

If your child has shown interest in sports at Metro Prep Academy, the following waivers must be submitted to allow them to participate. The waiver form is available online:

Metro Prep Waiver

The Metro Prep Waiver covers student participation in our Gymnasium, in our Physical Education classes, during Fitness activities before or after school, and any other school-led Athletic programme.

We also compete with other schools throughout the region as a member of the Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF). This separate SSAF Waiver requirement must also be submitted in order for your child to participate throughout our full season of games, competitions, tournaments and special events that are hosted off-campus by the SSAF and other member schools.

Please read each agreement carefully and follow all steps required to electronically sign the permission forms. Your electronic signature will be the legal equivalent of your regular signature for the purpose of each waiver.

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