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What is SMITH?

Metro Prep Academy’s SMITH Program (School of Music, Integrated Arts, Theatre and Humanities) is a new, specialized arts initiative that offers students the opportunity to deeply explore their creative talents while studying at one of Toronto’s most unique and respected independent schools.

SMITH students have access to all that Metro Prep has to offer academically, while being immersed in a broad spectrum of arts classes (Music, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Theatre and Film) taught by experienced professionals in their respective fields.

Metro Prep is co-ed, grades 7 through 12. SMITH students excel in the Arts and Humanities and are generally accepted in the earlier years (grades 7, 8, and 9) but some exceptions are made for students entering grades 10 and 11.

Prospective students must audition or submit a portfolio of their work, provide academic transcripts from their previous school, and attend an interview with the Head of SMITH (Ryan Seeley) and other faculty.

Auditions vary depending on the student’s talent(s). See below for details:


  • Students must perform 2 rehearsed pieces of music of their choice. Vocalists should attempt to show the full range of their voice. Instrumental pieces should also showcase their ability in a given area.

INTEGRATED ARTS – Visual Art, Media Arts, Dance, Film and Video, Photography

  • Students must submit a portfolio that showcases at least 2 of the above mentioned areas. The portfolio should include a minimum of 10 examples of their work.
  • Dancers must perform an audition and submit a portfolio of at least 1 of the other Arts.


  • Student actors must perform 2 contrasting monologues, 1-2 minutes in length from a script of their choice.
  • Technical Theatre students interested in Set Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design and Costume/Prop Design must submit a portfolio of previous work (video, photographs, drawings are acceptable)


  • Students must submit a portfolio of 10 pieces of creative writing. Examples of Short Stories, Poetry, Song Lyrics, Plays, Screenplays, Journalism and Essays will be accepted.

Auditions are held throughout the year. Applicants are encouraged to contact a SMITH representative at smith@metroprep.com to set up an audition date. Interviews with students and their families are held after the audition.

After a successful audition or portfolio review, candidates and their families will be contacted to meet with the Head of SMITH (Ryan Seeley) to discuss the program in detail and the opportunities that are available.

The interview will last approximately 1 hour.

Typically, a decision will be made within two weeks of the interview. Space is limited and students who are not accepted are encouraged to apply in future years.

No. However, solid academics are important at the school and grades on transcripts will be taken into account.

All students are considered for merit-based scholarships upon the completion of the interview. If deemed appropriate, a SMITH scholarship will be awarded at the time of the offer of admission.

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