Caitlin Black

Graduation Year


Post-Secondary Education

University of British Columbia : Double major in Fine Arts and Psychology

Current City

Vancouver, British Columbia

What are you doing now?

Currently I am preparing to attend a counseling psychology + arts therapy masters program at Naropa in Colorado. I working full time to save money for this program and I am volunteering at a mental health facility in Vancouver. I am also advancing my painting practice independently.

Do you still keep in touch with Metro Prep classmates?

I have kept in touch with my best friend from high school (Chelsea Conrad-Ferguson).

How has your time at Metro Prep impacted or influenced your life?

The teachers at Metro were very thoughtful and observational. They were also very clearly invested in helping me achieve good grades. All my essays and exams would have very detailed and constructive feedback that I kept for years to help inform my future papers and reports. They helped me develop a work ethic and an intrinsic motivation to conquer all challenges that would arrive as I began to transition into an young adult.

Favourite memories, experiences, and/or lessons from your time at Metro Prep?

Creative writing and fine arts with Abha and Sean, and Lindsey. These classes provided me with the fuel I needed to grit my teeth through my weak courses (math, and biology).

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