Brad Silverberg

Graduation Year


Post-Secondary Education

Diploma in Film Arts & Production from The Toronto Media & Film College (Class of 2010)

Current City

Toronto, Ontario

What are you doing now?

I’m a freelance cinematographer for Product Magazine. I also founded and manage a Production Company (Highrise Pictures Co.) where I do various corporate, music video, short film, and television projects.

Greatest Accomplishments

Filming David Cronenberg at the Tiff Bell Lightbox, online video editing for Rich Bride, Poor Bride (currently on The Slice Network), working as Cinematographer for the television pilot Scared Stiff, and getting 100% on my Grade 10 midterm Media Arts exam.

Do you still keep in touch with Metro Prep classmates?

Yeah, we still get together pretty often to catch up, and lots of us went to university together. We’ve also kept in touch with our teachers quite a bit.

How has your time at Metro Prep impacted or influenced your life?

Metro introduced me to non-musical theatre, and the works of many of my favourite play writes. Metro made me feel comfortable learning at my own pace, and opened my eyes to the reality that everyone has a strong suit. Whether it be math, sports, painting, or performance art; everyone felt cool and appreciated for their contributions at Metro. Metro guided me to the understanding that my practical strengths were in the arts, and that there are many ways to channel that into a career and goals for the future.

Favourite memories, experiences, and/or lessons from your time at Metro Prep?

My favourite memories from Metro were making video projects for various classes with my buddies, acting in the plays, prom, and the barbecues in the back on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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