ESL Program

Metro Prep’s ESL Program equips high school students with essential English language skills and academic knowledge for success in secondary school and university.

Integrated Content ESL Instruction

Our Integrated Content ESL Instruction Model. combines English language learning with academic content instruction. This approach helps students:

  • Develop essential language skills across all subject areas, from sciences to humanities
  • Gain fluency in reading, writing, and speaking
  • Acquire academic vocabulary and study strategies
  • Earn credits towards graduation in core subjects while improving language skills

Comprehensive Learning Environment

International students have a limited time to become academically proficient in English. Therefore, Metro Prep helps students learn both English and academic content as an integrated approach, as quickly and effectively as possible.

In-Class Experience

Our classrooms blend traditional instruction with interactive methods, technology integration, and individual tutoring. Students engage in computer workshops, language labs, and focused exercises to enhance their learning.

Beyond the Classroom

We extend learning beyond traditional settings through field trips, extra-curricular activities, student clubs, and athletics. These experiences reinforce language skills while fostering social and cultural understanding.

ESL Program Outcomes

Upon completing our ESL Program, students will:

  • use spoken and written English to gather, interpret and communicate information
  • use spoken and written English to establish and maintain relationships
  • use spoken and written English to make decisions, solve problems, and plan and carry out projects
  • be fully prepared for success in university
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