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In 1982 our principal, Wayne McKelvey, founded Metropolitan Preparatory Academy as a private, semestered, coeducational, Middle School (grades 7-8) and High School (grades 9-12) program for university-oriented students.

The school was started with the belief that educators possessing the right attitude can have a profound impact on a student’s life. Our strength lies in developing the whole individual, through the personal relationships established with students and their families.

All courses are taught at the academic/open level for grades 9 and 10; university preparation and university/college preparation courses are offered at the senior level, as set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Upon graduation, students will be awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Metro Prep provides a structured program stressing academic excellence geared for success at the university level. Organizational skills and the development of good work and study habits are stressed. Teacher-parent communication is encouraged to facilitate the best learning environment for each student.

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Academic Year

Our academic year consists of two semesters:

September – January
January – June

Each semester, students enroll in structured academic programs. Most students take four (4) credits per semester and complete their high school requirements in four years.

Students are encouraged to choose a broad range of courses so that many university programs are available to them.

Each semester, all students write compulsory final examinations. All courses grade 9 through 12 are evaluated on the basis that the term work is worth 70% of their final mark and the final evaluation, which for most courses is composed of a written final examination, is worth 30%.

At the beginning of a course, all students receive the evaluation breakdown. Detailed report cards are issued at midterm and following the final examinations.


Metro Prep has a minimum of twenty-four (24) full time faculty members and support staff. The average class size is 14 students.

In order to help students succeed in their studies, the faculty is available to provide extra help should it be required. Each teacher is available every day after school, plus one evening each week until 6:00 pm.


The school is open each day from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday. On Fridays the school closes at 6:00 pm. The school is available most Saturdays, throughout the school year, for students to work on their studies.

In addition to learning classrooms, a science laboratory, two computer labs, an art room, cafeteria, study hall, and gymnasium are featured. The school has a fully operational weight and fitness room. To facilitate some of our outdoor education programs, such as spelunking and white water rafting, we use various sites in West Virginia, U.S.A.


Average class size
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Minimum full time Metro Prep faculty members and support staff


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