Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory. After fifteen illegitimate absences a credit for the course will not be granted.

Absence Policy

  • All absences MUST be reported to the Attendance Office by way of Parent’s call or note. All unexplained absence will result in a phone call to a parent or guardian in order to confirm a reason.
  • Unexplained absences are considered SKIPS.
  • Students who are absent from class are expected to get missed notes from a classmate. There is a photocopier for student use in the library.

Late Policy

  • Students are expected to arrive to class prepared and on time. If a student arrives after the commencement of class they must obtain a late slip from the attendance office prior to being admitted to class.
  • Not being in class will affect your overall mark for the Conversation/Observation component of your Course Evaluation.

Skip Policy

  • Skipping class is inexcusable and any students who are absent from class without a valid reason will be subject to the following consequences.
    • 1st Offence – Phone Call to Parent/Guardian from Attendance Office
      • Must Make up class with Teacher on their Late Night
    • 2nd Offence – Phone Call to Parent/Guardian from Attendance Office & Teacher
      • Must Make up class with Teacher on their Late Night
  • Subsequent skips will result in further repercussions involving the Vice Principals and the Teacher. Repercussions will include parental contact, suspension and/or expulsion
    • All Class Time Must Be Made Up

Sign Out Policy

All students signing out, for any reason, MUST provide a note from parents, otherwise your parent/guardian must be called to give their approval before you can leave.


Please note it is the student’s responsibility to catch up on all work missed during a suspension – teachers are not responsible for providing missed lecture notes. If a test is scheduled to be written during the time of the suspension, the student will receive a zero for that assessment.

Assignments due during the time of suspension may be submitted when the student returns to school unless the assignment has already been graded and returned to the other students. For all other assignments the 5% off a day to a maximum of 25% classroom policy will apply.

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