Principal's Welcome

A cordial welcome to those contemplating enrolment at Metropolitan Preparatory Academy.

I ask you to think about your future. To be successful, it’s essential to set obtainable goals and develop the ambition to achieve those targets. In other words, decide where you want to go and establish how much time and energy it will take to get there.

This may sound "corny", but little happens unless you believe in yourself and what you are doing. You don’t want to look back on your life one day and dream about what could have been. Set inspiring goals and work toward them now. When doors to opportunity open, walk through without hesitation.

Consider our program if you are looking for a structured and caring environment. At Metro Prep Academy, we highly value involvement, new ideas and enthusiasm.

I wish the best to all students in the upcoming academic year.


W. Wayne McKelvey
Hons. B.A., M.A., Dip. Ed.