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Thank you for your interest in Metropolitan Preparatory Academy.

The selection of a school for your child is an important decision requiring considerable thought. With this in mind, our application process has been carefully designed to allow parents, along with their child, the opportunity to cooperatively participate in the procedure.


Our admissions process aims to satisfy two objectives. First, it allows you to determine whether Metro Prep is a good fit for your child. Second, it offers us the opportunity to assess the appropriateness of the school for each applicant.

The ability to discern whether a program is ideally suited for a prospective student occurs through open and honest communication between the school and the child. Therefore, the first step in our admissions process is an initial meeting with the applicant and his or her parents. The dialogue is a cooperative discussion where the applicant is able to communicate their academic and personal accomplishments and ambitions.


We believe the emphasis should be placed on the individual in terms of their potential, and the required attention they need to ensure that they reach it. While ability is important, effort and attitude towards self-improvement are the two strongest indicators of a child’s compatibility with Metro Prep.

When there’s a strong fit between a student and a school, the opportunity for achievement is endless. Here at Metro Prep we do not attempt to be "all things to all people", but, we can be everything to those who eagerly embrace the tools to their future.

Why Metro Prep?

I firmly believe that we give our students excellent preparation for success in academic life beyond high school. If you have any questions about our program or would like to visit our school please feel free to contact me directly at your convenience.


W. Wayne McKelvey
Hons. B.A., M.A., Dip. Ed.