Understanding Course Codes

At Metro Prep, we use the Ontario Ministry of Education’s course code system to clearly identify each course. Each code has five characters:

The First Three Characters:

  • Subject: The first three letters identify the subject area (e.g., ENG for English, SNC for Science).
  • Course Level: The number after the subject letters indicates the level of the course within that subject (e.g., ENG1 is the first course in the English sequence).

The Fourth Character:

This indicates the grade level or proficiency level of the course:

  • Grades 9-12: Represented by numbers 1 through 4 (e.g., Grade 9 = 1).
  • Language Courses: Letters A through E indicate proficiency levels (A being beginner, E being advanced).

The Fifth Character (Course Type):

The final letter shows the type of course and its intended pathway:

  • D (Academic): For students planning to pursue post-secondary education, emphasizing theory and abstract thinking.
  • C (College): Prepares students for college programs, often with a practical focus.
  • M (University/College): Suitable for students considering both university and college, these courses balance both theory and practice.
  • U (University): Specifically prepares students for university, focusing on theoretical knowledge and academic skills.
  • O (Open): Available to all students, regardless of academic pathway.


ENG1D means:

  • ENG: English
  • 1: First English course
  • D: Academic course intended for students in grade 9 or 10 planning for post-secondary studies.

We hope this helps you understand our course codes! For further questions, please contact our guidance department.

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