Transcripts & Full Disclosure

The Ontario Student Transcript

Every student at the secondary school level has a transcript in his/her OSR (Ontario School Record) file. The transcript shows the name of the course taken, the grade and type, the mark achieved, the date the course was completed, and the credit value. It also indicates whether the course was compulsory.

Please note there is full disclosure on the transcript for all grade 11 and 12 results. Check Important Dates to determine the date by which a course may be dropped without penalty.

The transcript also states if total hours of community service are completed, the results of the Literacy Test, the type of diploma issued, and the date of issue. The transcript is an effective means to communicate the student’s achievements to other educational institutions and future employers.

Parents may have access to their child’s Ontario School Records and if they wish to see its contents than they should contact the guidance counselor.

Full Disclosure

Since September 1999, the Ministry of Education has required full disclosure on student transcripts of all Grade 11 and 12 results.

Please note that if you wish to drop a Grade 11 or 12 course you must do so in writing before the announced deadlines for the 1st and 2nd semesters. After the drop dates, all marks will be placed on the transcript whether the student fails, passes or withdraws from the course.

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