Middle and High School are a time of significant transition in every child’s life. This is particularly true for girls. Research shows that girls can be particularly self-conscious and insecure of their abilities. Girls are able to overcome these hurdles more easily if they feel a sense of community and belonging in their school setting. With this in mind, and in keeping with Metro Prep’s desire to help each child reach his/her maximum potential, we have developed the Connections program.

The Connections program aspires to address the special needs of girls during this stage in their development. The purpose of the program is to help girls gain a greater sense of their potential and give them an opportunity to build stronger connections with their peer group and school. The major goals of the Connections program are to:

  • Foster positive interaction among peers
  • Develop healthy life attitudes
  • Create a positive sense of self
  • Challenge and widen horizons through exposure to character-shaping activities

The activities and excursions will focus on building character while promoting creativity, athleticism, and cultural awareness.

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