Student Handbook


Period 1 9:00 – 10:10
Period 2 10:15 – 11:25
Period 3 11:30 – 12:40
LUNCH 12:40 – 1:20
Period 4 1:20 – 2:30
Period 5 2:35 – 3:45
Period 1 9:00 – 9:40
Period 2 9:45 – 10:25
Period 3 10:30 – 11:10
Period 4 11:15 – 11:55
Period 5 12:00 – 12:40


Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory. After fifteen illegitimate absences a credit for the course will not be granted.

  • All absences MUST be reported to the Attendance Office by way of Parent’s call or note. All unexplained absence will result in a phone call to a parent or guardian in order to confirm a reason.
  • Unexplained absences are considered SKIPS.
  • Students who are absent from class are expected to get missed notes from a classmate. There is a photocopier for student use in the library.
  • Students are expected to arrive to class prepared and on time. If a student arrives after the commencement of class they must obtain a late slip from the attendance office prior to being admitted to class.
  • Not being in class will affect your overall mark for the Conversation/Observation component of your Course Evaluation.
  • Skipping class is inexcusable and any students who are absent from class without a valid reason will be subject to the following consequences.
    • 1st Offence – Phone Call to Parent/Guardian from Attendance Office
      • Must Make up class with Teacher on their Late Night
    • 2nd Offence – Phone Call to Parent/Guardian from Attendance Office & Teacher
      • Must Make up class with Teacher on their Late Night
  • Subsequent skips will result in further repercussions involving the Vice Principals and the Teacher. Repercussions will include parental contact, suspension and/or expulsion
    • All Class Time Must Be Made Up

All students signing out, for any reason, MUST provide a note from parents, otherwise your parent/guardian must be called to give their approval before you can leave.


Please note it is the student’s responsibility to catch up on all work missed during a suspension – teachers are not responsible for providing missed lecture notes. If a test is scheduled to be written during the time of the suspension, the student will receive a zero for that assessment.

Assignments due during the time of suspension may be submitted when the student returns to school unless the assignment has already been graded and returned to the other students. For all other assignments the 5% off a day to a maximum of 25% classroom policy will apply.

School/Classroom Rules

  1. Students are expected to be on time for classes. If late, students must obtain a late slip to enter class.
  2. Attendance is mandatory. After fifteen illegitimate absences a credit for the course will not be granted. [Legitimate absences include religious holidays, doctor or dentist appointments, Metro Prep sports events, or Metro Prep school trips].
  3. Students who are absent from class are expected to get missed notes from a classmate.
  4. Skipping will result in disciplinary action which may include detention or suspension.
  5. A student wishing to be dismissed early from school must sign out with the attendance office. Sign outs require parental permission.
  6. To leave a class, students must ask the teacher for permission. Only one student at a time is allowed to leave the classroom to use the washroom.
  7. Students are not allowed to freely roam the classroom. To leave one’s seat to put something in the garbage or sharpen their pencil, a student must ask the teacher for permission.
  8. Students, who are on spare, must refrain from roaming the hallways. They are to be in the library or in the upstairs study area doing homework, the cafeteria or outside. Students are not to interrupt classes.
  9. Due to food allergies, students are not allowed to eat or drink in the classrooms and study areas. Eating is only allowed in the cafeteria and on the outdoor picnic tables.
  10. Students must be responsible for their books, backpacks and contents. Students are supplied with a locker and are expected to use them. Do not leave your books and backpack in the hallways or in an unlocked room. The school will not be responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings.
  11. Although there are no uniforms, students are requested to keep a reasonable standard of dress. Dirty, ragged, ripped or torn clothing shows no self-respect and will not be tolerated in the school. T-shirts with obscenities printed on them are not allowed.
  12. No hats are allowed in the school. They must be removed immediately upon entering.
  13. Students must purchase and wear the gym uniform during physical education classes.
  14. All cell phones must be turn off while in class and out of site. If there is an emergency and a parent needs to speak with their child they may call the school and we will get the message to the student. A student caught texting during class time will have his/her phone confiscated for the day.
  15. Students are not allowed to listen to their iPod during class (exception in the art studio when the teacher gives permission). No head phones can be worn during class. A student caught listening to his/her iPod will have it confiscated.
  16. Students may only use a laptop to take down class notes. If found playing games or watching movies etcetera the student will not be allowed to bring the lap top to class.
  17. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero.
  18. Students who fail to hands in an assignment when due, will received 5 % off each day late. Some assignments will have no grace period, since they are immediately taken up in class. With these types of assignments the student will receive a zero. If a student misses a test, the student must make arrangements with the teacher to write the test.
  19. Credits will not be granted to students unless they write the final examinations. If a student misses a final examination due to illness, a doctor’s note must be received or the student will receive a zero.
  20. For the respect of others, please do not use foul language in the school
  21. For the respect of others, please keep classrooms and washrooms clean.
  22. Bullying will not be tolerated. In general, your behaviour should show respect and consideration for others, both adults and peers.
  23. Any student who damages or is caught stealing school property will be punished and will be required to replace the damaged or stolen articles.
  24. There is to be absolutely no smoking on school property. Students will be suspended.
  25. Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly forbidden. Students who come to school with illegal substances or in an impaired state will be immediately suspended and the police will be notified.

Dress Code

  • NO hats
  • NO ripped or torn clothing
  • NO spaghetti straps, crop tops or muscle shirts
  • NO clothing that exposes the midriff or stomach
  • NO extremely short miniskirts or shorts
  • NO clothing with obscenities or offensive literature
  • NO clothing promoting drugs, smoking or alcohol
  • NO plunging neck lines

This policy will be enforced by all Metro Prep Staff. If their attire is inappropriate, students will be sent home to change their clothing or will be asked to change into a Metro Prep gym shirt and/or sweat pants if necessary.


Student Progress

Parents have continuous feedback on the progress of their child in each course by using the Metro Prep website.

Report cards will be issued at midterm and after the final examinations. We encourage parents to contact subject teachers if they would like to discuss their child’s progress.

Parent-Teacher interviews are held in November and April. For Parents’ Night, parents must call the school to book appointment times with their child’s teachers.

Honour Roll

Students eligible for the Honour Roll must obtain an average of 80%. The names of these students will be displayed in the school.

Examination Schedule

The Final Examination Schedule will be posted each semester at midterm. Please do not plan vacations or extracurricular activities during the examination week. Exams will NOT be moved.

If a student misses an examination, a mark of zero will be assigned, unless a doctor’s note verifies that the student was too ill to come to school. Students must write the final examination to obtain the credit.

Cheating & Plagiarism

Students found cheating on an examination or test will receive a mark of zero (0) for that particular item in the calculation of the final mark. Plagiarism is a serious breach of academic honesty which may result in a mark of zero (0) for the plagiarized assignment.


Lunch Time

Students are expected to eat lunch in the school cafeteria and clean up after themselves. Students will not be excused from class in order to go to the cafeteria.

Students are NOT permitted to eat or drink elsewhere in the building, especially in the classrooms since many students have food allergies (see Sabrina’s Law under School Policies).

Surrounding Community & Neighbours

Students are expected to act in an appropriate manner when outside the school. Do not litter by throwing paper, pop cans etc. on the school or neighbouring lawns.

Do not congregate on any of the roadways in such a manner to prevent the safe passage of vehicles. Please note that the valley behind the school is out-of-bounds to Metro Prep students.


Each student will be assigned a locker and given a combination lock. Once assigned a locker, students may not change lockers without permission of a Vice Principal.

Lockers remain the property of the school and the Principal or Vice Principals may open a locker for inspection at any time with or without the permission of the student.

Students must not share a locker and should not share their lock combination with anyone.

Personal Property

Students are advised not to bring large sums of money, expensive clothing or valuables of any kind to school. Personal property must be the responsibility of the individual student. The school will not be responsible for lost, missing or stolen property of any kind.

Do not leave books, backpacks, phones or lap tops unattended in the hallways or cafeteria. Make sure that they are placed in your locker and that the lock has been fastened properly.

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