National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 2022

On Friday September 30th, Metro Prep students and staff honoured the 2nd annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

A presentation for each grade level began with the history of residential schools in Canada and their impact on the families and survivors across the country. Students participated by asking questions and discussing their feelings about such a difficult but necessary topic.

As the day continued, everyone worked together to create an art installation that symbolized both learning and action. Students reflected upon the traumatic legacy those schools had on Indigenous Canadians, and how we can help to ensure that these stories are told… and heard.

Led by Joanna Johnson and Ryan Seeley, 6000 puzzle pieces were painted orange and attached to a large white canvas with the words ‘THE TRUTH’. Each piece represented the life of a child that was taken away; that suffered under the system of residential schools. Some students chose to personalize their pieces with words that meant something to them and connected them more deeply to the project. The ‘truth’ is obscured by the pieces, yet seen more clearly as their stories are told, heard, and documented.

Each student also signed an individual letter to Prime Minister Trudeau that encouraged him to continue on the path of Truth and Reconciliation. The letters contained the lyrics to the song “The Stranger” by Gord Downie from the album Secret Path. This was a symbolic act to remind the Prime Minister to carry on the work of Gord and the Chanie Wenjack Project, and to keep the promises Canadians have made to our Indigenous brothers and sisters.


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