Crosswalk Detours & Construction Update

With ongoing Metrolinx construction in our area, we have been advised of possible crosswalk closures at Credit Union Drive and Eglinton Avenue East. Beginning as early as Friday December 7, pedestrian crossings may be redirected to the nearest intersections. Detours will be clearly marked to safely reroute anyone walking near the work zones.

Students who take westbound TTC #34A buses to school may be required to cross safely at the intersection of Sloane at Eglinton Avenue East. Please also consider getting off at the Sloane/Eglinton bus stop and crossing to the south side pedestrian pathways.

Further information is available in this updated notice on the Metrolinx Crosstown site (or PDF download).

As always, we ask that you exercise caution while walking or driving near the school. Please anticipate these travel delays in order to arrive on time for your scheduled classes.

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