House Standings

The 9 Metro Houses are alive and well as the tartan tradition continues!

All students have been placed on a House Team and are encouraged to get involved in as many after-school activities as they can.

Points are awarded based on student participation and are averaged out with their academic scores to create an overall House Team Score.

In June, the House with the highest team average wins the coveted Championship Trophy, individual medals, and most importantly, the distinguished honour of being House Champion.

Please see your vice principals, Ryan or Debra, for more information and check back throughout the year for current standings.

May the best team win!

2018-2019 Standings

1CONNEMARA House5525 pts
2Kildare House5350 pts
Monaghan House5175 pts
4Cork House4950 pts
Dublin House4825 pts
6Galway House4575 pts
7Mackenzie House3375 pts
8Meath House2500 pts
9St. Patrick's House2125 pts

Last Updated 1/30/2019 with Semester 1 final results

House Championships

2016-2017Galway House
2015-2016St. Patrick's House
2014-2015Connemara House
2013-2014Dublin House
2012-2013Connemara House