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Ultimate Frisbee At Sheppard's Bush

The Elementary Ultimate Frisbee team took to Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area to play four exciting games of frisbee. The team battled the other schools with great enthusiasm, enjoying the day full of competition and sunshine. A big shout out goes to Tim and Liam for taking charge on the field and helping guide the group throughout the day. Congratulations to all team members for their hard work and determination!

Track & Field Results

The Metro Prep Track & Field teams raked in the medals, and our Junior and Senior Boys won the banner!

Junior Girls
CaitlinGOLD in 400m
GOLD in 800m
Junior Boys
LukaGOLD in 800m
SILVER in 1500m
SILVER in 3000m
ChristianGOLD in 200m
JulianGOLD in 100m
GOLD in standing long jump
GOLD in running long jump
BRONZE in 200m
Bay, Luka, Julian, ChristianGOLD in relay race
Senior Girls
RandiSILVER in standing long jump
SILVER in running long jump
SILVER in triple jump
Senior Boys
DanielGOLD in 800m
GOLD in 1500m
GOLD in 3000m
KerohnSILVER in 100m
SILVER in 400m
MikeGOLD in 400m
GOLD in standing long jump
GOLD in running long jump
ShaquaiBRONZE in 200m
BRONZE in triple jump
MannySILVER in 400m
Kristan, Kerohn, Manny, MikeGOLD in relay race